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Pet Sitting Advantages
The Benefits:
  • The trends in pet sitting are changing and for the better
  • Pet parents can rely on professionals rather than well-meaning family members, friends or the kid down the street, to care for your furry/feathered/finned pet family members.
  • Pets can stay in their familiar surroundings and security of their own home.  Thus, pet parents can reduce the guilt, worry or exposure to diseases associated with outside kenneling and boarding.

Advantages of a Professional Pet Sitter:
  • Virtually all experts in the field of animal behavior state "pets are happiest in their own environment."
  • The availability of having a professional pet sitter in your home means no longer imposing on friends, family, or neighbors.  No more worrying about the youngster down the street forgetting your beloved pet family member.
  • Detailed daily report calls to cell phones for nervous moms and dads (believe me, when I go out of town, I want and need a daily call).
  • Professional pet sitting services provide these items and more, plus peace of mind, while you are away from home.

PRECIOUS PETS IN-HOME SERVICES is licensed, bonded and insured, as well as certified by NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet SItters).