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In 1993, after many years of being without a pet family, my husband and I adopted a kitten that I named Myca.  With no children any longer at home, Myca quickly became the center of our universe.

Myca had been with us several months, when we scheduled a weekend get-away. We asked a neighbor to care for our precious, brilliant, one of a kind, beautiful little kitty ( we were very proud protective pet parents). Unfortunately, upon our arrival home, we found a crabby and very unhappy kitten.  

After my husband and I discussed the issue, we decided, “If you want a job done right, you need to hire a professional.” If you pay a person who does this as a profession, this should be the way to get the pet care that you expect.

We were ecstatic after our first professional pet sitting experience, and at the same time, an old love from my childhood in Montana, the love and care of animals, was rekindled.

Over the next several years, I ardently began researching information about the pet sitting industry with a passionate hope that some day my dream would come true.

In the summer of 1997, after reviewing my marketing plan with my banker, PRECIOUS PETS IN-HOME SERVICES was born.

One of the first of many challenges to come was…clients would call and want information about pet health issues, animal behavior and training, grooming and so on. I would ask, “Have you contacted your vet, or your trainer, or your groomer?” In many cases, a client had spoken to those professionals, yet still requested our input. The client perceived we knew their pet family better. I knew we were at a major crossroad. PPIHS needed further education to enable us to provide our clients with useful tools and assist them with education needs for the well being of their pet families. 

Years quickly and successfully rolled by. I learned about animal first aid, diseases, holistic veterinarians, natural healing, training and behavior issues and pet support equipment.  I became involved with local animal organizations, pet rescue/fostering groups and feral cat community care. As my business established its credibility, many veterinarians in my service areas began to give exclusive referrals to PPIHS. I was building my business and reputation, but I now wanted to share my business skills and animal knowledge with other pet sitters.

In addition to operating her own certified pet sitting business, Candance served on the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) board and is a past president.  Candance created and teaches pet sitting classes, and continues to contribute various articles for publications and mentors pet sitters nationally. 
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